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“Cliff to Bridge” is a 15km swimming event down the Derwent River with the start at the  New Norfolk esplanade and finish at the Bridgewater Bridge, ~500meter up the river on the Bridgewater side.

Cliff to Bridge, round 3 (C2Br3)

Start ~8:30am on Sat, February the 1rd. Cut off time for this event is 6hr.

Swimmers born on or prior 1/2/2021 are eligible to enter.

Water temperature is expected to be around 18c+

Check-in for the swim will be on Friday, January 31st (place & time TBA).

Entries for the C2BR3 will be open on September 1st, 2024 (16:00 AEST)

Your entry fee covers:

  1. Entry, insurance, merchandise pack, finisher medal.
  2. Transportation from the city/finish line to the start line and back to the city. Limited seats available.
  3. Water safety & support vessels. That’s right, you don’t need to worry about organising it. However, if you have “your person” who is happy to assist you on a day, please do use him/her. You are welcome to swim in a group, up to 4 swimmers, and be supported by one vessel.
  4. Semi-official gathering at TBA on Saturday ~@5:30pm

There are NO REFUNDS given for any reason but, if you won’t be able to attend the event in 2025 you will be able to transfer your entry to the 2026 for the 50% of the entry price  Course map can be found here. Please be advised that the exact start time of the event and gathering to be confirmed closer to the event day.

Swimmers MUST, at all times, wear their official swim cap and swim tow while in the water during the swim. All swimmers must have their race number (temp tattoo included in your registration) added to the outside of their upper arms/shoulder or wrist.

A swimmer may:

  • grease the body before a swim,
  • wear goggles, wear a nose clip,
  • wear earplugs, wear a watch,
  • wear a rash vest or a stinger suit,
  • wear two caps* (official swim cap must be the outer one),
  • wear two suits*, use fins*, wear wet/neoprene suit*, 
  • wear earphones*,  swim with a rubber ducky*

Items with the * must not be used if the swim is a qualifying swim for the future open water events/swims or you would like your time to be added to the database.

Because everyone is a winner there will be no place awards. Times and categories will be recorded and celebrated with a finisher medal and a small gift. Ok, ok, a few perks: a person who will finish the swim first (1p) and last (1p) will get a free, non-transferable entry to the “Cliff to Bridge, round 3” event, which will take place on Feb 1st, 2025.  3 prizes for the most accurate predicted swim time will be giving away, as well as, few other surprises….

After the swim, semi-official gathering at Hobart Brewing ~@5:00pm.

Questions, please email

** a support vessel will be organised for you. However, you are welcome to organise your own support crew/vessels, that would be muchly appreciated.

4—6 HRS

Derwent River, TASMANIA

Swim Course

Click on the image above for an interactive map of the Cliff to Bridge swim course.


Cliff to Bridge


Cliff to Bridge

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