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Derwent River Big Swim

Derwent River Big Swim

- Part of Australian Open Water Triple Crown Series

A 34km open water swimming challenge on the Derwent River, Tasmania. This swim is part of the Australian Triple Crown and requires experienced and well-trained swimmers. Start of the swim is at the bridge in New Norfolk and finish at the Tasman Bridge in Hobart.

Distance and water temperatures are similar to the English Channel.

Hight chance of swimming in the dark, mix of fresh ( ~first half ) and salt water, with the high possibility of wind and chop.

A 6-hour qualifying swim (solo or a known event) needs to be completed before attempting the Derwent River Big Swim. Proof of swim is required upon the attempt.

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(This swim is Not available during the 2023 – 2024 season. Please contact us to book your slot for the following season/s. As this swim is in the high demand, slots are limited)


December - April




High / Book in advance

Future Dates:

Available till 2030


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