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Bruny Island & Iron Pot challenges

New and Exciting swimming challenges in Tasmania

On the top of many “Derwent River Big Swim” finishes and “Cliff to Bridge, round 1”   event, Summer of 2022 – 2023 was one with many “firsts” on Derwent.

And who can forget a year earlier, Rod Watkins was the first to pioneer the swim from the Tasman Bridge to Iron Pot. Rod became the first known person to swim from Hobart to the lighthouse.


Summer of 2023-2024 … we are supper excited to share with you some of the “new” swims on Derwent:


Bruny Island Challenge   

Iron Pot Challenge


Option of 24km ( from Tasman Bridge ), 30km ( Bowen Bridge ), 42km (Bridgewater Bridge ), and 60km ( New Norfolk Bridge ) swimming distances. Please note 60km swim, due to Bridgewater Bridge constructions, is not available during 2023 – 2024 season.


All the swims are situated around Hobart area and will suit majority of the Open Water Swimming Lovers. They are not only a good personal challenge but an excellent preparation swims for the English, North, Catalina channels and many more.


Each swim could, and will be, a great mix of everything Open Water Swim has to offer: swimming in dark and daylight, calm and rough waters, variety of water and air temperatures, tidal assistance  and swimming agains currents. To make the long story short – #iswimhappy 


All the swims will be conducted between early January and March and slots are limited. We have 5 (five) ~week long windows when the tides are most favourable to do the swims. Each window has 3-4 slots available.


See you in Tasmania….

p.s. After the swim, if you keen, I’ll take you to Bruny Island for some Oysters


January - March


24km - 60km






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