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Bruny Island & Iron Pot Challenge

8 January, 2023

Bruny Island & Iron Pot Challenge


Option of 24km ( from Tasman Bridge ), 30km ( Bowen Bridge ), 42km (Bridgewater Bridge ), and 60km ( New Norfolk Bridge ) swimming distances. Please note 60km swim, due to Bridgewater Bridge constructions, is not available during 2023 – 2024 season.


All the swims are situated around Hobart area and will suit majority of the Open Water Swimming Lovers. They are not only a good personal challenge but an excellent preparation swims for the English, North, Catalina channels and many more.

24km - 60km
6 - 17 hrs
pre-qualification required
At a glance

From 24km to 60km open water super challenge in Derwent river blah blah blah

  • January - March
  • Hobart, TASMANIA
  • Various Bridges in Hobart and above
  • 24km - 60km
  • Advanced
Val Kalmikovs,

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